A Dose of Healthy Screen-Time

Essential expert tips for the digital age

presented by Dr Kristy Goodwin for ages 0-9

As parents who grew up in a different (tech-free) time, it’s so hard for us to feel confident that we’re guiding our young children towards healthy and safe screen-habits.

The reality is, our young children are growing up in a screen-saturated world. They often learn to tap, swipe and pinch before they’ve learnt to grip a pencil, tie their shoelaces, or ride a bike. Whether we love it or loathe it, technology will be an integral part of their lives.

Whether you’re looking to create positive habits for your child from the beginning, or hoping to steer things back on track, creating new healthier boundaries, here are the expert tips you need.

In this practical Advice Pack, you’ll learn:

  • How to set helpful boundaries around technology use and screen time 
  • Features to look for in apps and TV programs that make them safe and educational
  • The risks associated with technology and screen use in children and practical ways to address these
  • How to prioritise your child’s time in this ever-changing, technological age
  • The reasons behind ‘techno-tantrums’ and strategies to prevent them

When used well, technology offers wonderful tools and resources that can support our children’s learning and development. Developing healthy habits from the beginning ensures that we can maximise these benefit for our kids while minimising the potential harms.

The expert tips you need to feel confident are right here. You can access these now and jump back in at any time for a ‘refresher’ in the future.

What’s included in your Advice Pack:

  • Video (50 minutes)
  • MP3 Audio Version
  • Printable Tip Sheet
A Dose of Healthy Screen-Time

Definitely, the best parent education I’ve ever completed and better than any of the parenting books I’d read! Th