Creating resilient kids and confident parents

Practical, evidence-based advice from Dr. Kaylene Henderson

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I’m both a medically trained child health specialist and mother of three fun-loving young children. Having learned how to bring out the best in kids, I am now passionate about sharing these research-based approaches with parents.

As unique individuals, our children will all have different challenges to face as they get older. The good news is, you are in the perfect position to help your kids overcome these challenges and become more resilient – you simply need to learn how.

Each of my Advice Packs will provide you with instant, online advice across a range of topics (anxiety, behaviour, meltdowns and school readiness to name a few). These packs are filled with practical tips so that you can add a little more calmness, a little more confidence… a little more awesomeness to your wonderful children!

Thank you. . . You’re awesome.

Dr. Kaylene Henderson (MBBS FRANZCP Cert C&A Psych)

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