Frequently Asked Questions

Advice Pack Related

You can access the Advice Packs at any time on this website by selecting the pack you’d like from the home page. Each pack will be added to your cart and once you’ve paid, you’ll be able to access the content right away.

You sure can. The videos and audio files are accessible on all computers, iPads and similar handheld devices. You will only need access to a printer if you’d like to save and print your written materials (for example, your tip sheets).

Absolutely. The Advice Packs are available to everyone, anywhere. At checkout you will be charged in Australian dollars. Your bank or financial institution may also charge a currency conversion fee.

Once you have registered for your Advice Pack, the content will be available indefinitely. There is no time limit and you can jump in and access the content at any time.

No, these Advice Packs are not formal courses, so you will not be issued with a certificate of completion.